Tuesday, 19 July 2016

6 Ways Your Brand Personality Should Add Value

6 Ways Your Brand Personality Should Add Value

What is the worst thing you can say about a person? High up on my list would be that someone has no personality. Who wants to spend time with someone so boring? I’d rather hang out with a jerk. At least then it would be interesting. The same reasoning applies to brands.
Not all brands have a personality, or at least a strong, distinctive personality. But the brands that do have a significant advantage in terms of standing out, communicating an on-brand message and supporting customer relationships. Personality is an important dimension of brand equity because, like human personality, it is both differentiating and enduring.

A brand personality can…enhance self-expression benefits
People express themselves in part by the brands that they buy, especially when the brand is socially visible. 

A brand personality can…provide the basis for a relationship
A brand personality can help lead to brand loyalty.

A brand personality can…represent a functional benefit
A brand personality can also represent functional benefits and brand attributes. It can be easier to create a personality that implies a functional benefit than to convincingly communicate that a functional benefit exists. Further, it is harder to attack a personality than a functional benefit.

A brand personality can…guide brand building programs
As a practical matter, decisions need to be made about brand communications packages including advertising, physical packaging, promotions, events, customer touch points, digital programs and more. 

A brand personality can…help understand the customer
The brand personality metaphor can also help a manager gain an in-depth understanding of consumer perceptions of the brand. Instead of asking about attribute perceptions, which can be both boring and intrusive, asking people to describe a brand personality is often involving and can result in more accurate and richer insights into feelings and relationships.

A brand personality can…provide energy
A strong brand personality such as those surrounding can provide energy by adding interest and involvement; it effectively amplifies brand perception and experiences. 

A brand personality can provide a vehicle to express a person’s self, represent relationships, communicate attributes, guide brand–building, understand the customer and contribute energy. It can also provide a sustainable point of differentiation – it’s almost impossible to copy a personality.

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